Asbestos disposal Auckland should be handled in the best possible fashion. Asbestos can make you suffer from hypertension to lung cancer, which is why you should not take this disposal for granted.

It’s always in your best interest to hire professionals who know how to dispose of asbestos without letting it contaminate anything further.

Here are regulations that govern how to handle and dispose of asbestos:

Asbestoses disposal Auckland

  • Appropriate Planning Of The Project

Appropriate planning of the size and severity of the abatement project is as crucial as anything else. Professionals know all the nitty-gritty of planning a project to make sure asbestos can be handled and disposed of completely.

  • Preparation Of The Work Area

In order to do the removal and disposal of asbestos, it is essential to seal the entire area with plastic sheeting. It is also necessary to use negative air pressure units to ensure no contamination outside the area.

Those surfaces that don’t need abating should be covered with plastic sheeting. When you prepare the area, don’t forget to post the warning signs to let others know that an asbestos project is underway.

  • How To Handle And Dispose Of Asbestos Waste

Asbestos is something that can be very dangerous for every living soul. Prior to any removal efforts, it is essential to wet materials that contain asbestos.

The personal safety of the workers must not be neglected, and they should wear a respirator as long as they are in the working area. The waste of asbestos should be placed in a 6mm plastic bag, but make sure all the waste is wetted before placing it in the double plastic bag.

The bag has to be leak-tight to prevent it’s spreading. Every area has landfills where asbestos Hamilton should be disposed of. Make sure not to dispose it of other than that area.

  • Create Decontamination Units

After coming out of the contaminated area, the workers must be allowed to remove clothes, shoes, and other tools to make sure it doesn’t spread outside.

  • Follow Decontamination Procedures

Safety comes first when professionals work in contaminated areas. Workers, if don’t change clothes, will more likely to carry asbestos to their places, which can be so dangerous.

Asbestoses disposal Auckland


Asbestos disposal Auckland needs to be done with great care and precautions. All the workers should wear safety gadgets and follow decontamination procedures to make sure it doesn’t contaminate other places.

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