Some people want to decor their apartments just as people used to decorate in 1950s, although we all know the fact that old days were very good but still such type of decoration may not suit your life style as there are a number of things that need to be handed in that way as were handled in old days. You can hire plastering services gold coast. Here we are going to discuss the ways and difference in that ways of decoration that were followed years backs.

Decoration of kitchen:

Few years back the kitchen was designed as a separate space where females used to cook in an isolated way. The family used to take their room to a separate room that was the dining room to enjoy their meal. Now females like to cool in open space instead of close one and they like to have their dining room very close to the kitchen or in the kitchen. This open spaced concept of kitchen has helped people to get rid of boxed type feeling of home. They enjoy open space gathering in their home with family to serve meal and socialize. The commercial plastering sunshine coast offers the work that is exclusive to design the kitchen counter and ceiling

Wall decoration:

The plastering is used to design the walls. Few years back people use to cover their apartment’s wall with either animal’s pictures or hang bunch of flowers on the walls for decoration. But now the trend has changed, people use to hang pictures of industries on their walls just for industrial look. An apartment owner has so many options of bridges to hang the pictures of these bridges as there are more than 600,000 bridges among these industries, some are 2000 years old thus people love to hang antique pictures as an industrial look in their home.

 Natural lighting:

Now-a-days people like to use natural lighting in their home decoration instead of artificial lights. As natural lights look good and also saves money to greater extent.

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