Imagine one day you get up and immediately get to the toilet and suddenly become stunt by the blockage of the toilet and an ugly vigour making it extremely unpleasant and yuck! Yes, a blocked toilet  can be this much frustrating. Though if proper care is taken while using washrooms, this ugly experience can be avoided but there is always a chance of getting the washroom drain blocked by a small piece of carelessness. For example, a small shampoo bottle cap, or a teeth brush cap, or even a slipped soap dropping into the toilet flush can play a lot important role in clogging the drain.

Therefore, carefulness is the key to avoid facing a couple of such disgusting days and waiting for the sewerage workers to come and do their job and this carefulness should also be taken if somehow the drain gets blocked. For example, if a razor cap is dropped into the toilet drain accidentally and causes the sludge to block the drain, in this case, one might think to try some local remedies to get the substance through by trying to insert an iron or wooden rod to unblock the passage and let the mud pass through. However, this can add to more problems because sanitary pipes are fragile and any force can result in damage of underground sewerage pipes which can lead to seepage of water into walls which is unhealthy and will need immediate treatment. Instead, using Vacuum truck or sewer sucker to suck the substance causing the blockage can be a technically safe and better idea.

Sewer suckers use low volume pumps to create negative air pressure. Commercial trucks have large tanks to collect sludge with 10-55 cubic meter volume although application based low volume tanks are also deployed for low resource requirements. These trucks are easy to build and can be built at a lower cost. A vacuum pump can be mounted on the truck in two ways, first, directly on the truck with a truck motor driving the vacuum drive or pump mounted on an independent trailer with own motor. However, the first method is convenient and simple to use. Therefore, using a vacuum pump to get rid of the blocked toilet is a safe and quick way because there is no risk to damage the underground pipes in any way which can cause a heavy budget loss along with frustrated maintenance experience.