Drains blockage is a serious issue that millions of households from around the world face every day. It is not a traditional problem, but since the development of bathrooms and kitchens, the problem of drain blockage started. Nowadays, drains blockage issue has become common everywhere. How do you trace the causes of blocked drains Gordon? Is it easy to find out the reasons for blockage? Indeed, it is easy to maintain the blockage by getting the expertise of a plumber who can easily figure out the blockage reason. What actually happens when you face blockage? The water in sinks drains slowly. Similarly, water comes up when you flush out waste in the toilet. It affects the supply of water badly in your home because water gathers under the sink or also in the toilet. It is a quite embarrassing process that can only be fixed by a plumber.

Besides fixing the blockage, let’s find out the reasons for blockage. There are so many types of blockages that cause issues in your home, some of the key reasons are mentioned below.


Grease appears to be the leading cause of the blockage, especially in kitchens. It happens when we wash dishes and pots in the kitchen and waste turns into grease under the sink. The grease creates a problem and doesn’t go down and even it stops the passage of water. The best is to throw that grease in the dustbin once it gets solid.


Greenery is another reason for drain blockage. It happens when leaves start falling in the autumn season. Usually, leaves interact with your drains and block the passage of water. Other than leaves, tree roots and branches also create a mess in the drain pipes. The best is to clean the leaves and put them in the dustbin to avoid blockage.

Foreign Items

Besides looking at the leaves and grease, we notice that foreign items also cause blockage of drains. What are the foreign items that cause drain blockage? There are so many types of solid items that become a part of drain blockages such as soap, jewelry, hair, and tissue paper. These are the solid items that often cause blockage of drains. To fix blocked drains Gordon, you have better keep solid things away from the drain pipes. The care is necessary and it’s the only way to keep drains clean.