In the areas where winter seasons prolong for a longer period, Solahart hot Water heaters have become a necessity today in these types of places. In these types of weather conditions, it is vital to use hot water heaters in a proper manner which needs proper maintenance that can help your water heater provide trouble-free service for many years. Some basic maintenance measures are all that are required to save a bundle on a water heater repair or replacement.

When you see these signs, your heater needs to be serviced by a professional:

When you start seeing some signs, you need to hire the professional services of a plumber to fix them, this will help to increase the life of our heater. If the water coming out of your heater has a bad odour, strange colour or sediments, it is a clear indication that cleaning is required. A decrease in the efficiency of heater is also a sign that it is time for a maintenance check. Your water heater can cause your energy bills to soar, if not maintained properly. Anode rod is one of the most important parts of a heater.

The presence of orange coloured water beneath the rod is a clear signal that it needs to be replaced. It is best not to wait for your water heater to give out rust coloured water or fall to the floor because of rusting before you call the plumber. Proper water heater maintenance helps you save money in a number of ways. It increases the lifespan of the heater, avoids the necessity to buy a new one and ensures efficient use of energy.

You may face some common problems, get some easy solutions:

The buildup of sediments and minerals is often the main cause of water heater problems. Sediments collected at the bottom of your water heater can be easily cleaned using a brush and garden hose. You can just scrub out the sediments and then flush them away using the hose. It is recommended to do this at least once a year. If the water in your area is hard, frequent cleaning may be required as the sediments tend to buildup faster. Simply flushing the heater with water every few months will also help you keep it clean. Corrosion of anode rod is another common problem in old solahart hot water heaters. It is advisable to check the rod every few months for any signs of corrosion and replace it if required. Bacteria can cause bad odour in your water heater. This can be easily taken care of with bleach.