Hiring a professional to clean all the carpet in a house can get expensive. But renting a machine isn’t always the cheapest option either. Buying a steam cleaning vacuum can save money and allow home owners to clean their rugs more often.

How to Save Money Buying a Steam Cleaning Vacuum:

Read the reviews carefully. Even though one steam cleaner may be less expensive than another, it might not do the job as well. Also read the warranty information carefully. While one steam vacuum may boast a low price tag, another might offer a longer warranty and better customer support. You can easily find Cheap Carpets in Gold Coast that can make your work easy. Also pay attention to usability. The Hoover Steam Vac with Clean Surge allows the user to put a gallon of hot tap water in one compartment and the carpet cleaning solution in the other. The vacuum mixes the two itself. Once the carpet is steam-cleaned, all the user has to do is pour the dirty water into the sink. This unit is available for $147 (including shipping) at Amazon.

Consider the Cost of Hiring a Professional vs. Steam Cleaning at Home:

It’s not necessarily cheaper to buy a steam vacuum cleaner unless (a) home owners find themselves needing to steam clean at least every six months or (b) They have the time and inclination to take on the task. If the steam vac stays in the closet out of laziness or lack of time to do the job, it isn’t worth the price, no matter how cheap. Also pet owners might find themselves needing a professional to get out caked in dirt. But for home owners who don’t have a lot of carpet and don’t mind doing the work themselves, purchasing a machine will most likely save money in the long run.

Getting a Steam Cleaner for Half the Price:

Simple, split the cost with a neighbor! Just make sure this neighbor is trustworthy and isn’t going to keep the machine forever, or run it into the ground. But splitting the cost even three or four ways makes sense because steam vacuum cleaning isn’t like vacuuming. It only gets used every six months to a year for most people.

How to Use the Home Steam Cleaner:

Follow the instructions on the package carefully, and choose a machine that is easy to operate. Try to find a manual online before making a purchase. Also the unit will probably come with its own cleaning solution. Make sure that solution isn’t too expensive. Because operators will be forced to buy more of it in the future.