A stormwater drain is a drain found on streets. It is designed to drain excess rainwater from streets, car parks, footpaths and roofs, which is collected due to rain or storm, hence its name, stormwater drain. Stormwater drains can easily be clogged due to numerous objects which are flushed down with it. It can be leaves, small rocks or even plastic bags which are left out in the open. Clogging cannot be easily detected but if you think they are clogged for some reason, do not hesitate to act on it. If not, blocked stormwater drains Melbourne can lead to serious flooding in nearby houses or other areas connected. 

There is no easy way to detect that the stormwater drain is blocked as accurately as it is for a shower drain. You can only assume it is blocked if there is a large puddle or pool forming and the water isn’t going in at all. This shows that the drain is having problem draining more water which is left after rain or storm due to something stopping its way. Another way of detecting a problem is if you notice the pool of water running back from the drain system into your or nearby houses. This is a good proof of the drain being blocked.

To see the blocked stormwater drains Melbourne, it is easy to check it visually. There may be a ball, some sticks, leaves or plastic bags which have stuck in the opening, blocking the whole system. You can check this through the large holes in the stormwater drain with the help of a powerful flashlight. If this is the case, it can be treated easily. Take along versatile object which can be anything having a hook or something of that sort at the end and pluck the object away. Another problem could be mould. Mould can grow quite easily in this place due to the constant shower of water. For this make a bleach and baking soda solution and pour it down the drain. The bleach will break down the mould while baking soda will further clean the area.

This process can help but it is important to avoid these cases overall. For this, schedule a visit from a drain cleaning company for every 6 to 8 months so these problems won’t bother you. Also, you noticed that none of the above tactics work, hence, calling a professional would be the best option. They know how to deal with different types of blocked drains Fitzroy and will easily clean it for you.