In our homes and offices, we suffer from many kinds of plumbing issues and blocked drains are among them. Unblocking the gutters is not an easy task sometimes, so we call the plumbers to unblock them. The question arises how these drains get blocked. The top reasons for this issue are written in this article. If you know the reasons for blocked drains Menai, you can stop them from clogging.


Most of the time, our hairs get stuck and block the drains. When the hairs get stuck at the start of the drain, it can be removed easily. But when they go inside the gutters, it can block the drains, and you may find it difficult to remove them. It is better to remove the hairs from the start; otherwise, you may need to call the plumber to remove them.

Plants and dirt

The roots of the trees, plants and shrubs can also block the drains. When you clean your garden, you should stop these things from going into the draining system as they can block the water flow. Especially at the end of the summer and autumn season, we need to be careful about this issue. The dirt can also block the drains as it can also go to the pipes and block them.


Many people have the habit of disposing of toiletries as diapers and baby wipes into the flush. They may not know about the problems that these things can cause. These toiletries can block the path of the water and stop the drains. It is not easy to unblock the blocked drains Engadine when toiletries block them.

Broken pipes

When you find the blocked drains issue regularly, you should ask a plumber to come to your house and see where the problem exists. Sometimes, we don’t know that the pipes have been broken and we need to replace them. When we ignore the issue for a long time, we may have to face the issue on a daily basis without knowing the real problem. The best way to avoid the matter is that we should ask to use the best draining pipes, which should have more durability than ordinary pipes.

Bad pipe installation

Bad pipe installation is also one of the common reasons for blocked drains Menai. It is better to hire the best plumbing service in the town. The experienced plumbers know how to install the pipes for maximum efficiency, and they don’t leave any imperfections. So, they can save us from the blocked drains issues.