Roller blinds have become a popular choice amongst homeowners and business offices alike. Not only are they stylish but they come in a variety of options suitable to your environment and taste. They are simple and functional in operation, yet stylish and modern in design. With a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, it’s no wonder the popularity of this particular blind keeps on growing.

Roller blinds gives you the option of bottom rails, control mechanisms, closed cassettes and link blinds, these features all add to the blinds functionality. Roller blinds offer you easy maintenance as many of the fabrics are washable, 100% complete blockout ideal for home theatres, media rooms and conference rooms. They accentuate the height of the room and produce an aesthetically pleasing window furnishing. There are quite a few advantages associated with the installation of roller blinds, these are;

Advantages Of Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds offer you a great selection of colours, tones, textures and fabrics which are suitable for any interior.
  • Roller blinds offers you a variety of fabric structures such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester and even PVC fabric.
  • Fabrics are impregnated with a special compound so that the fabric will not burn, does not accumulate much dust and blade edges do not dissolve easily.
  • Roller shutters are comprised of two layers. The interior is made of fabric while the exterior is made up of a reflective screen. This is perfect for a home theatre room.
  • Roller shutters are compact and occupies very little space when rolled up, leaving the sill free and closing only part of the window for sunlight to penetrate through. Conventional blinds make this impossible.
  • Extremely easy to clean. Wipe with a wet or dry cloth or simply use a duster to get rid of unwanted dust build up.

For all of the its known advantages, roller blinds do also have some drawbacks, let’s explore what those are;

Drawbacks Of Installing Roller Blinds

  • Practically all components and pieces of the roller blinds are made with hard plastic and could break if not handled with care.
  • Fabric used for roller blinds can absorb odours, especially if installed in the kitchen, however the fabrics are washable.
  • If the roller shutter is mounted incorrectly this could result in the roller blind not functioning as it should. It is better to buy roller blinds from reputable manufacturers for a better quality of roller blind.

The advantages far outweighs the disadvantages of installing roller blinds. Here at Simply Shutters on the Central Coast we offer a wide variety of blinds. Visit us to explore our range of Roller Blinds.