If you have bought a good walk in chiller for your business, you need to keep it in the best condition for the maximum time possible. Spending a lot of money on the walk in coolers and chillers is useless if you don’t take care of them.

Although these appliances are very durable and can be useful for almost one or two decades. In case you don’t take care of their regular maintenance and cleaning, they would not even complete their life span, and you would have to replace them within a few years.

Below are a few tips that could help you keep your walk in freezer or chiller in perfect condition even after 10 or more years.

Walk In Ciller

Clean the condensing coil and evaporator regularly

If your walk in cooler is located at an outside location, it can catch a lot of dirt. That dirt can bring down the efficiency of the freezer. If you want to keep it as efficient as it was on the first day, you should regularly clean its evaporator and condensing coil.

If there is a lot of dirt in the place where the freezer or chiller is placed, you may have to clean its evaporator at least four times a year. Other than that, cleaning it twice a year is enough for it.

Don’t place things on top of the walk in freezers

Many people have the habit of placing their things at the nearest free space. They usually don’t hesitate to place the things on the top of the walk in coolers. Although the top of these best freezers are strong, placing heavy things can damage them, especially the ceiling panels. Once the ceiling panel is repaired or replaced, it could harm its efficiency.

Those people who want to keep their coolers in the perfect condition should place things anywhere other than the walk in coolers.

Walk In Ciller

Lubricate hinges

Many hinges of the walk in coolers needed to be lubricated after some time. If they are not lubricated, they will not be closed properly. It can bring down its energy efficiency. There are many kinds of hinges in the walk in freezers. If the hinges of your freezer have self-lubricating components, then you don’t need to lubricate them.

Besides that, lubricating them once a year keeps them smooth.

Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals

Some parts of the walk in coolers are very sensitive, and they can be damaged during cleaning them with harsh chemicals. Therefore you should avoid using the chemicals to clean a walk in chiller.