No doubt that design build services accounted for 40% of all non-residential construction. There is a prominent reason behind this fact. In this delivery method, the designers and constructors come as one team in a single contractual entity to the owner, whereas in the design-bid-build delivery method, designing and construction functions come separately as two different contractual entities to the owner.

There are countless benefits of this delivery method and renovation projects. In this guide, we have listed some top reasons and benefits of choosing a design-build delivery method:


In this delivery method, both the owner and the design-build team are together and work as one unit towards the same goal and aim of completing a successful project that can match the owner’s needs and meet his expectations.

design build services

Likewise, when the team faces different challenges, everyone works on the solution together to complete the project and make it successful.

Total accountability:

Of course, the design-builder is the main entity in the entire project, and he is accountable for the project, including the project’s cost, how quickly it is completed, and what the end results are.

And when the designing team builds the project, then much more extra attention will be given to the project and pricing; in this way, much more attention to the scheduling will also be given in the designing phase.


When you choose this delivery method for your project, a design builds agency will get involved in the entire project from start to finish. It means inherent effectiveness and efficiency in the process are guaranteed.


A design build Toronto team is an expert in both fields –  building construction and designing. These teams have licensed architects that are equipped with formal architectural experience and training. Plus, these experts also have enough experience in understanding pricing, construction, sequencing, etc.

Therefore, hiring this type of firm for your construction project would be a great idea to make your project successful. These firms have knowledgeable constructors and designers that have strong and lasting partnerships with trustworthy and experienced subcontractors.

Time-saving and cost-saving:

Of course, the owner would not need to hire designers and contractors individually for his project when he can easily hire design build services for his project in which both designers and builders are involved. In this way, the owner can save a lot of his time and money.