A camping power cord in NZ is a perfect extension for groups planning to hike and go camping for some time. They can use this power extension to draw power by connecting it to a power outlet in a caravan. As a result, they can charge their smartphones or rechargeable torches to stay safe during camping.

Unique Features of a Highly-rated Camping Power Cord in NZ

The following are some stunning characteristics of a camping power cord NZ.

  • Good capacity

An average camping extension cord has a power capacity of 10 amperes (1200 watts). Therefore, one can plug in multiple devices, such as smartphones, for charging.

  • 3-Pin design

This power cable in NZ has a round-shaped 3-pin design. For this reason, this extension is excellent for outdoor use, particularly by camping groups.

For example, campers can use this cord to connect kitchen appliances like coffee makers and toasters to prepare breakfast.

  • Safety switch

Modern camping cords feature an RCD safety switch to protect users against electric shock. Therefore, campers can turn off this switch when the extension isn’t in use.

They don’t have to unplug this camping power extension from the power socket.

  • IP44 safety rating

The extension’s cable features a protective plastic cover that keeps water out of the electric wires. For this reason, campers don’t have to worry when they touch with wet hands. However, one should dry their hands when handling this cord to be safe.

camping power cord in NZ

How to Be Safe When Handling a Power Cable NZ During Camping

  • Select a long power cord.

Campers should avoid choosing a short electric cord as it’s hard to use as a group for various outdoor uses. Therefore, one should select a power cord with a minimum length of 5 to 6 feet.

  • Use power tape to cover exposed electrical wires.

A minor accident can expose the cable’s inner wires, increasing the risk of a fatal electrocution. For this reason, you can use duct tape to protect the campers against electric shock.

  • Place the cord atop a table or stool.

A camper should avoid placing the power cord on the group as it can endanger the lives of the whole group. Fatal electrocution would be unavoidable after a heavy downpour and puddles of water collect around the power cable.


Adventurers travelers need a camping power cord NZ in their campsite for various uses. Brilliant campers should consider a 5-way extension cable to power multiple devices or appliances.