Almost all industrial cargo transporters prefer composite strapping to wrap heavy cargo. Specific qualities of these durable straps inform the decision to use them to transport cargo on long or short trips.

Let’s disclose a few scientific facts about all composite straps that many people don’t know,

5 Main Qualities of Composite Strapping

  • Flexible

All manufacturers fix a stainless-steel cord strap on each strapping to ensure it’s flexible enough to hold heavy objects like metallic construction bars.

  • Non-abrasive

The beauty of cord straps in Australia is that it does not damage the load during transportation.

  • Unbreakable

Unlike other straps, composite strapping does not snap regardless of the weight of the material you carry.

  • Long-lasting

Manufacturers make these straps from high-quality materials, such as polyester, to ensure they have high tenacity.

  • Impact-resistance

Unlike other straps, these polyester ones are damage-resistant because they’re elastic to wrap cargo of any shape or size. As a result, all composite straps have an incredible load-bearing capacity hence highly appealing to many industrial workers.

3 Uses of Good Quality Composite Strapping

  • Securing heavy cargo

Professionals use these straps to attach large boxes or metallic bars for safe transportation.

  • Fastening multiple pallets or skids

Warehouse owners invest in multiple composite straps for their workers to transport these pallets when they expand this structure.

  • Security bricks

Building companies also use these straps to fasten bricks before transporting them to a construction site.

Shocking Benefits of Using a Composite Strapping in Industries

  • Safe for cargo

Unlike other straps, these polyester strappings rarely damage carried products because of their flexibility.

  • Chemical resistant

The beauty of composite straps is that they do not react with chemicals and thus pose no danger to the users.

  • Weather-resistant

Secondly, these polyester straps are highly long-lasting as they’re rust-proof and flexible.

What Factors Must Composite Strapping Dealers Consider When Pricing Their Products

  • Thickness

Thick composite straps are more expensive than thin ones because they are relatively heavier cargo.

  • Quality

Secondly, the dealers read the specifications to know the material the manufacturer used to make these straps.

  • Tensile strength

All manufacturers imprint this information on the package of each composite strap for the customer’s sake.

Composite straps with high tensile capability are perfect for heavier cargo like steel products.


Finally, composite strapping is safe because it is non-magnetic and thus it’s insensitive around metallic items. Additionally, this heavy-duty strap can’t damage or discolor any cargo that one loads onto a truck for transportation.