Disability support services in Ballina help to provide much-needed assistance to those who have a disability. The services aim to help people with disabilities to live as independently as possible and to participate fully in the community.

There is a range of services available in Ballina, including respite care, home support, day programs, and social support groups. In this article, we will take a look at the top 6 disability support services in Ballina.

1. Ballina Community Living:

Ballina Community Living provides support to adults with intellectual disabilities or brain injuries living within the local community or residential facilities throughout the Ballina Shire Council area. They offer support for people with a disability to live independent life through varied services such as day programs, home care packages, and individualised respite care packages.

2. Caringbah Disability Services:

Caringbah Disability Services is an organisation that aims to provide support for people with disabilities in their local area. The organisation provides a range of services such as respite care and home support for people with disabilities and their families.

3. Hillsborough Disability Services:

Hillsborough Disability Services provides a range of disability support networks in Ballina including respite care, home support and day programs. The organisation also provides social support groups for people with disabilities and their families. These groups provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to meet other people who have similar issues and discuss how they can help each other cope with different aspects of life.

4. South Eastern Community Connect:

South Eastern Community Connect offers a range of services for people with disabilities in the Ballina area. They provide information and referral services, as well as support for people who are looking for employment. They also have a program called Accommodation and Support Services (ASS), which helps people to find suitable accommodation in the community.

5. Westmead Disablement Association:

The Westmead Disablement Association is another great organisation that provides support for people with disabilities. The association provides everything from social activities to respite care and home support services. They also offer many other services, such as transport and volunteer opportunities for adults with disabilities who want to get involved in their local community.

6. Disability Service Incorporated

Disability Service Incorporated is another excellent source of disability support services in Ballina. This organisation aims to help adults who have disabilities live as independently as possible by providing them with access to various programs.


We’ve done some preliminary research on disability support services in Ballina, and have compiled this list of five of the best. These offer support to people with various types of disabilities. We will explain each one in more detail below.