When some driveway installation, paving or repairing is under discussion, most people will preferably suggest driveway resurfacing with concrete. As compared to asphalt, concrete is always preferred, especially in paving a driveway, footpath, or a parking lot.

It is even a common myth that paving means using asphalt only. On the opposite of this myth, paving is a method used to create driveways or roads. Other than several other materials, the most commonly used materials today for paving are concrete and asphalt.

In the construction history of buildings and roads, both concrete and asphalt have long been used. Even today, both of these materials are highly preferable to use in paving the paths and driveways. Especially when you will be thinking about the paving parking lots or driveways, you will first have to think about the project’s total cost. You will be using either concrete or asphalt Driveway installation  as the primary material.

Which is a better material for driveway paving or paving a parking lot?

The concrete surfacing might crack or buckle more quickly than asphalt because of its dense design rigidness. The elements that may affect the concrete are freeze-thaw cycles, tree roots, soil movement, and ground movement. Further, concrete driveway concrete resurfacing can cost you high as compared to asphalt.

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Various recent studies have shown that the cost per cubic yard of concrete is double compared to asphalt. Moreover, it will take more time and expense if you choose concrete as the primary material in paving driveway surfaces and parking lots. The bigger a project will, the more time and money you will have to spend to choose the concrete.

Other than paving and installing driveways and paving parking lots, the reparation work of the concrete is also more expensive and time-consuming than the asphalt. The concrete paving also does not blend as much as asphalt paving does. Especially after asphalt gets freshly seal coated.

Choose asphalt paving for better results:

Different studies and experiments have observed that driveway resurfacing is far better than concrete and runs for long. Asphalt paving needs less maintenance as it will not crack in a short time because of any reason.

One can easily use asphalt and is considered the most affordable option while looking for driveway repairs. Most of the driveway repairing companies offer these services at a comparatively lower price as this type of repair or resurfacing does not need high-quality material to be used in it.