Indubitably, an easy laser alignment tool is used to shaft alignment of vertical or horizontal installed machines. It also measures the twist of foundation, bearing clearance, soft foot, and aligning the machine trains accurately.

This article will give you a guide about the easy laser alignment tool.

The product line of easy laser tools consists of a broad range of simple alignment tools with extended memory, connection between the display unit and the detectors through wireless Bluetooth technology, and powerful design, including a huge colour display. On all the Easy-Laser systems, the reliability and the product quality are assured with a 3-year warranty.

Easy-Laser product range is categorized into the following primary groups.

For every type of requirement, from the simplest to the most advanced alignment for all kinds of rotating machines, the alignments tools are ready to supply you with.

Easy-Laser XT770

The most strong alignment system in the Generation XT series is Easy-Laser XT770. For geometrical applications, the XT770 GEO KIT with a D22 laser transmitter increases the measurements range.

To conduct shaft alignment kit on vertical and horizontal installed machines, including soft foot, measure foundation twist, bearing clearance, align machine trains, and more, you can use the Easy-Laser XT770. However, for keeping a record of the machine, the EasyTrend software can help you. This is important for detecting pipe strain concerns and thermal expansion.

Easy-Laser XT660

The second division of our Generation XT alignment systems, based on our innovative cross-platform technology, is Easy-Laser XT660. Including our XT11, you’ll be able to see data on a variety of portable devices. Belt pulley alignment must be properly aligned to get accurate results.

Dot laser technology is used in the XT660 measurement devices. This allows for measuring greater spans and bigger machines than line laser systems. Moreover, when there is backlash in the connection, it also gives better precision. Furthermore, installing a machine dot laser lets you verify additional items, such as bearing clearance and foundation twist.

easy laser alignment tool

Easy-Laser XT550 Ex/ATEX

The Ex-approved XT550 system is simple to use with our XT Alignment app and was designed for hazardous environments. It is a sophisticated measuring system for vertical and horizontal installed rotating machinery alignment. Although, the XT550 alignment system has all of the same characteristics as the XT660, with one important exception: it may be utilized in potentially dangerous locations since it is inherently safe.

Easy-Laser XT440

Based on innovative cross-platform technologies, the XT440 is the first Generation XT alignment system. This implies that you can show data on various portable devices, including the Easy-Laser XT11 display unit.

Hope this guide can help you with knowledge about the different easy laser alignment tool.