In the struggle to be understood, many aspiring composers of the canvas don’t look kindly upon easy things to paint. Paint-by-number kits may not compare to the dynamic works of talented artists, but they still hold value for painting enthusiasts. The ease of use and artistic control offered by these kits make them worthwhile for beginners and experienced painters alike.

1. Accessibility for Beginners

Paint-by-number kits serve as a welcoming entry point for beginners venturing into the world of painting. These kits provide clear instructions and pre-numbered sections that make it easier for novices to get started. They offer a structured approach that allows beginners to build foundational skills and gain confidence in their artistic abilities.

2. Stress Relief and Mindfulness

Engaging in easy-to-paint projects can be surprisingly therapeutic. Paint-by-number kits offer a calming and meditative experience, allowing individuals to focus their attention on filling in the colours without worrying about complex techniques or creative decisions.

3. Unleashing Creativity Within Boundaries

Artists can add their own touches, blend colours, or modify the designs to make them unique. These kits strike a balance between structure and creativity, enabling artists to explore their artistic instincts.

easy things to paint

4. Developing Patience and Discipline

Completing a custom paint-by-number kit requires patience and discipline. It’s a step-by-step process that encourages artists to work meticulously, focusing on one section at a time. Cultivating these qualities through painting can have a positive impact in other areas of life and future artistic endeavours.

5. Fostering a Sense of Accomplishment

Regardless of skill level, finishing a paint-by-number project brings a sense of accomplishment. Artists can take pride in the effort they put into completing the piece, and they can appreciate the progress they’ve made in their painting skills. The joy lies not only in the final result but also in the process itself and the personal satisfaction it brings.

6. The Joy of Sharing Art

Whether it’s gifting a completed paint-by-number artwork or proudly displaying it in their homes, PBN pieces spark conversations and connections. Art has a way of bringing people together, fostering self-expression, and creating meaningful bonds.


While PBN kits may not rival the works of renowned artists, they offer a valuable, enjoyable outlet for painting enthusiasts. So, don’t dismiss the value of having easy things to paint. Embrace the joy, therapeutic benefits, and sense of accomplishment that come with these projects. Paint away and let your creativity shine!