Electrical emergencies can be frightening, potentially dangerous, and very costly. It is definitely something that all homeowners, tenants and business owners want to avoid, but do they put in the effort to avoid these situations? Most electrical emergencies are actually completely avoidable.

As emergency electricians in Dural, we have dealt with our fair share of electrical emergencies, and here is our advice as to how you can avoid ending up in an electrical emergency situation.

Don’t Overload Your Switchboard

Having too many appliances and circuits running from one switchboard can definitely contribute to electrical issues.

Keep Water Away From Electrical Appliances, Plugs and Outlets

We all know that water and electricity are not friends, so avoid any water getting onto your electrical system.

Pay Attention to the Warning Signs

Flickering light bulbs, warm outlets, and frequent power trips are all signs that there may be something wrong with your electrical system, and you should get an electrician in to look at your electrics.

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Turn Off the Main Power Source

If you are experiencing an electrical emergency, the best thing you can do is to turn the power off at the mains to prevent damage to your electrical system.

Cover Unused Outlets

If you leave unused outlets uncovered, they could experience a build-up in dust and debris, and they also may pose a danger to children and pets. Outlet coverings are very affordable and the ideal solution.

Unplug Electronics Not in Use

Even if an electronic is not technically ‘on’, it can still draw power if not unplugged. Not only will this consume unnecessary energy, but it may also lead to electrical errors and issues.

Make Use of Regular Maintenance

By having a professional electrician regularly maintain your electrical system, they are likely to pick up and fix any faults or issues that may eventually turn into emergency situations.

If you do end up experiencing an electrical emergency or issue in your office or home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our emergency electrician in Dural on +61 478 653 438. We can also provide you with electrical installation, repair, and maintenance services.