The Skip bins Tamworth are basically enormous baskets with compartments that are filled with junk and afterward dumped into some far of the pit. These are called skip bins because of the different segments in them. The word “skip” is started from “skep” which implies a trash conveying bin but with more than one compartment. This terminology is only used in Australia while other countries call this type of bins as ‘Dumpster’.

We hope that now you are familiar with the skip bins and know that they are used for dumping trash which is later picked up by the skip hire Toowoomba.

Size and shape of the skip containers:

Usually skip bins have are really big in size and have a longitudinal shape. It is quite deep from the lower side while the upper surface is wider but not very large in depth. At either end of the skip container, there is a slanting floor or divider. There are commonly two handles at both sides where you can attach the chains, which help in the movement of the skip bins and allows it to be lifted easily.

On one end of the skip bin, there is a door that allows manual stacking of the trash. As there are different compartments, so different types of junk can be divided easily. The material used in the manufacturing of skip containers is very durable. That is the reason they can bear all types of harsh weather conditions may it be heavy rainfall or strong sunshine.

Although all of the types of skin bins are really large there can be different varieties. Most of them can easily contain 8 tons of trash in them while others may be able to carry a little less than this.

Types of skin bins:

Although most of the skin bins look almost the same there are different types of them. On the basis of their use, these bins are divided into three major types:

  • The first type includes the skip bins that are really big in size and have more than 3 compartments. They are usually placed in bigger spaces aces such as some business areas.
  • The second type is the same as the first one except that it is closed from all four sides. It has an entryway from one corner but other than that there is no opening. These are considered to be more secure than the other types of skip bins Tamworth.