Many people don’t know about their credit reports. Indeed, some don’t know that it even exists. As a result, they usually neglect paying their loans or their credit card bills leading to a bad credit score. Ideally, you need to understand that these scores are personal financial profiles.

A credit score speaks so much about you financially and it’s what determines whether lenders or creditors will approve you for a loan or the new credit card you applied for or not.

Understanding More about Personal financial Profiles (Credit Score)

The credit report is a criterion that creditors look at to determine if you’re at risk to lend money or not. It tells them whether you’re a good player or a delinquent one. Even landlords may look at their potential tenant’s credit report to ensure that their future tenant will be able to pay rent on time and ensure that they will never escape in the middle of the night with payments worth months’ rent.

Therefore, you must have a good credit score. Credit bureaus are the ones who make the credit reports but you must remember that they base the report on your performance financially.

Make Payments on Time

Try making payments on or before the due date to get a good credit report and a good credit score. When you pay your dues on time, they will be recorded in the report and will reflect positively on your credit score. These days mobile loans are so popular and many people are getting bad credit scores for not paying on time.

personal financial profiles

If you have used mobile financial services in the past and have any overdue, ensure you clear now to repair your score. Don’t wait until it’s too late for that. Try what you can now and you’ll see your score improve.

What if you have bad credit already but not your fault?

However, sometimes your credit report may be bad even if you know you pay off your loans and bills on time. It may be due to credit card fraud or mistakes made by the credit bureaus themselves. Try to get a copy of your credit report and if you notice any irregularities, dispute it and it will eventually be cleared up.


Credit scores are the personal financial profiles. Always ensure that you have good credit for you to have more financial freedom. Pay off your bills on time and constantly review your credit report at least once a year to find out your current standing.

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