Pivot Doors prices vary in terms of sizes, material and style; why you should define your speciation before setting out to buy pivot doors. What are pivot doors?  They are the trendy door design compatible with traditional, modern and contemporary home designs.  

They provide not only luxurious appeal but also ensure uncompromised safety and security.  Pivot doors don’t open from whatever side you desire because they don’t rely on hinges like ordinary door designs. To be precise, pivot doors rotate on a spindle, allowing it to open and close without taking much of your space. 

What is the average cost of pivot doors?

In the following section, we shall look at the significant factors that affect pivot doors prices and find the best one on the market. You can buy high-end or affordable pivot doors since there are variations from different manufacturers. However, the average pivot door prices vary between $3000 and $20000. So, always ask for an estimate based on the types, size, colour and design of pivot doors you want.  Below are factors that affect pivot doors prices.

Pivot Doors prices


When shopping for the best pivotal doors on the market, you’ll come across many styles and types. They are uniquely designed to be compatible with any door size and material, making them ideal for homeowners who value sleekness, functionality and enhanced security. 


You wonder how big a pivot door can be; well, these doors can be large enough to fit homeowners. Remember, installing the best garage doors needs heavy-duty hardware so, you should buy them only if they are within your budget. 

Usually, a standard pivot door has a width of 8 inches and a height of 6Ft 8 inches and costs about $13,000, including installation. This cost applies to wood-style pivot doors. Assuming you for 9ft (wide) by 11ft (tall), you’ll have to pay up to $20,000. 


Pivot doors are designed using different materials, each with pros and drawbacks.  But the availability of metal, glass wood or marble pivot doors allow homeworkers to choose what’s ideal for the home.  You can go for other pivot door materials like steel, mahogany, and gold-plated metal for a more outstanding option. The choice of material will affect pivot doors prices. 

For instance, standard steel pivot door prices are about $1500,  while aluminum is between $2,500  to $5,000.  Lastly, the wooden pivot doors price will be approximately $5000.