There are many types of water coolers. Most of the most common types are bottle systems. However, even with the bottle systems, there are two categories, namely self-refill and refillable water coolers. The refillable bottle systems have their own filtration system.

That means you can keep the bottle and just add your water to it through a pitcher or an opening at the top. On the other hand, a self-refillable bottle system means that you need to purchase a new bottle with a water bottle each time you empty one. You can buy that at the grocery store, supermarket near you or sign a contract with a water delivery company to handle the task for you.

Other Types Besides Self-fill and Refillable Water Coolers

  • Hot water dispensers – You can utilize hot water for many purposes. Each time you need water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, or any other purpose, it’s not always wise to utilize a microwave. There are water coolers designed to dispense hot water as well.
  • Reservoir system – This is similar to a bottle system but it utilizes a refillable reservoir rather than the bottle. The reservoir is often located on top of the water cooler itself and comes with its own filtration system. That means you can just add tap water to it. Additionally, you can get cold and hot water from this system and won’t need to pay for new bottles.
  • Mains-fed water coolers – They are connected directly to your existing plumbing. That allows you to utilize tap water. The water coolers then filter the water and double up as cold water and hot water dispensers depending on your preferences.

refillable water coolers

Final Thought

Each of these types of water cooler dispensers has its pros and cons and which one you ought to purchase depends on your personal needs or the needs of your company. For instance, if you just need cold water, you might not choose the reservoir or mains-fed models because you won’t need hot water. If you don’t want the added expense of requiring to purchase bottles or getting a company to deliver replacement ones, then you should purchase the self-refill bottle system.

You can also choose the refillable water coolers systems if you think that they are better suited to your needs than others. Do your homework well to see which one suits your needs best. visit our website for more information