The shaft alignment equipment is a need for operating equipment, and its misalignment may result in malfunctions, accidents, and injuries. Because human judgment allows too much opportunity for the mistake, some instruments are used to position shafts. One example is the Laser shaft alignment, which can provide flawless coupling and tolerances far below the required margin.

The machine alignment laser is built on laser technology, which is not a novel idea but has been refined to become very dependable and accurate. The only alternative option for aligning couplings is to use a gyroscope-based method. Although less expensive, they lack the accuracy of laser systems and are complex to set up, making them unsuitable for situations when fast solutions are required.

Laser Shaft Alignment Benefits

Angular and parallel misalignment are the two types of misalignments that may occur between components. The lines are in angles in angular misalignment, whether on the same plane or on a separate plane. The lines of shafts are parallel but divided vertically or horizontally in parallel misalignment. Whatever kind of misalignment is present, shaft alignment equipment may fix it.

shaft alignment equipment

An example may be created using laser leveling tools to see how the technology is able to generate such accuracy. The laser produces a perfectly straight line with very small tolerances. Similarly, using laser technology, machine alignment laser may accomplish the very same within hundredths of a millimeter.

The laser, sensor, and electronic device are the three basic components of the equipment. When the laser fires a beam of light at the sensor, an electronic gadget detects the data and displays the necessary changes. Because the data is so accurate, corrective measures may be tailored to the same limits.

Turbines, compressors, gearboxes, Couplings, generators, and propeller shafts are all examples of equipment and components where the technique is used. Gas and oil industries, Construction, paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, and wastewater management sectors are among the businesses that use it.

Not only does laser shaft alignment help changing components go faster, but it also saves money. Labor expenses are cut, time is cut, and set-up is quick. All of this will add up to a less expensive alignment technique. Consider how plants will benefit from utilizing the technology as part of their alignment management strategy.

Laser shaft alignment equipment, which consists of a laser, a sensor, and an electronic device that calculates measurements, may be used on couplings, generators, turbines, compressors, and other equipment. For more information visit our Website.