The pre-filled cartridges of shortfill eliquid that come in various nicotine strengths and bottle sizes, which means you can choose the strength and size that suits your needs best.

You can also choose from a variety of flavours, so if you’re looking for something new or want to try out a new flavour combination, then shortfalls are ideal for you.

The process of filling up an e-liquid cartridge is simple

It is simply unscrewing the end cap and adding your desired amount of e-liquid into the tank. Then screw back on the end cap before using it on your device.

It’s important that you don’t overfill your cartridge as this could cause leakage or flooding when you’re vaping. Shortfall e liquid is a great way to experience different flavour combinations with your e-cigarette.

If you’ve been using the same e-liquid for a while, it’s time to mix things up. Short Fill e liquid gives you the opportunity to try something new without having to commit to an entire bottle of e-liquid that you may or may not like.

There are many reasons why shortfall e liquid might be right for you:

shortfill eliquid

– You’re looking for a new flavour combination

– You want to branch out from your regular a vape starter kit e-liquid flavours

– You’re travelling and want something that won’t take up too much space in your luggage

Whatever your reason for wanting shortfill e liquid, there are plenty of options available on the market today.

Look around online and see what catches your eye!

If you have ever been curious about what it would be like to vape flavors you have never tried before, or if you have been thinking about branching out from the vanilla and tobacco flavors you already know, shortfall e liquids are a great way to try new things without having to commit to buying a whole bottle of something new.

It allows you to mix and match different flavours from different brands in one bottle, giving you the opportunity to discover new combinations without having to buy a whole 60ml bottle of each flavour. This means that if you don’t like one of the flavours, you’re not stuck with it!


The process of creating a shortfill eliquid is quite simple: all you need is an empty bottle (30mls), a syringe (to measure out your liquids) and some empty bottles (30mls). Once these items are assembled, simply measure out how much liquid goes into each bottle using the syringe. For more information visit our Website.