Popular companies like Agrichain have a slot booking app to help farmers, brokers, and buyers monitor the supply chain of agricultural produce. This brilliant article will accentuate the essence of using this technology to manage the supply chain in agriculture.

7 Interesting Benefits of Using a Slot Booking App as a Farmer

These companies have a mobile app to help farmers in various ways. Let us discuss a few intriguing advantages of leveraging this grain storage management software.

1. Tracking the farm produce

Interestingly, big companies help farmers to track the produce through the supply chain. They can tell where the load is and estimate when it will reach the target destination.

2. Add more produce to the silos.

Additionally, one can add produce like maize or beans to this app to let brokers help them get potential buyers. In many cases, a buyer with an account can see the profiles of different farmers when they add more bags to this slot booking app.

3. Linking with logistics firms

The beauty of this app is that it can help a seller connect with a suitable logistics company for transport services.

4. It helps farmers to know their monthly warehouse fees

These mobile apps have an invoicing feature that can help farmers know how much storage fees will apply at the end of the month. Similarly, they can subscribe to auto-email invoices to ensure they clear applicable storage fees before the deadline.

5. Online payment

Interestingly, these apps feature several secure online payment methods to help buyers clear payment for a given stock.

6. Holds all the stock in a similar place

A slot booking Trading software helps all growers to add all the produce they harvest to attract would-be buyers. Moreover, the platform can also assist one in interacting with several potential buyers until they reach a favorable price.

As a result, they help farmers to get a fair profit for all the agricultural produce they add to their profile.

7. Assigning tasks

Farmers can rely on this app to assign duties to their drivers to ensure the produce reaches buyers on time.

Final View

A slotting booking app has made selling, brokering, and buying vital goods, like farm produce more manageable. Further, they have enabled farmers to get good returns for their produce. Traditionally, farmers would incur painful losses as brokers would act as an intermediary between them and buyers.