Spill kits are a necessary part of any business that deals with liquids. Whether you are a cafe owner or a hairdresser, it is important to have a spill kit on hand in case of accidents.

Several different types of spill kits are available on the market, so it is difficult to choose one that is suitable according to your needs. To help you make the right decision, we have compiled a list of the 5 best spill kits for sale in Australia.

1. Universal Spill Kits:

Universal spill kits in Australia are the most common type that is sold. They come with various items, including absorbent pads, spill sheets, and respirators. These items can clean up any liquid or powder spilled on the ground or into water sources.

2. Oil Only Spill Kits:

Oil-only spill kits are designed to clean up oil and other petroleum products, such as diesel or gasoline. These kits contain absorbent pads and bags that can soak up and store oil spills safely until they can be disposed of properly.

spill kits for sale

3. Chemical Spill Kits:

Chemical spill kits contain all the necessary equipment for dealing with chemical spills at home or in the workplace. The kit includes absorbent pads, gloves, and masks so that you can safely clean up any chemicals from the floor or water sources without putting yourself at risk of contamination.

4. Food Grade Spill Kits:

Food Grade spills kits contain items suitable for food mixing areas, such as kitchens and restaurants. These kits come with gloves, aprons, and eye protection, which are essential when dealing with food products. There are also several other useful items available for sale in Australia.

 5. Personal Spill Kit:

A personal spill kit contains all the essentials you need to deal with small spills at home or in the office. These kits are ideal for those who want to be prepared for any emergency but do not want to spend too much money on a product they will likely never need to use.


We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our favorite spill kits for sale and the important services they provide. We have focused on kits that are of the highest quality and value, as well as spill kits that have proven track records. With any of these top spill kit options, your business will be secure from accidents and ready for anything that might happen.

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