Are you looking for split system air conditioner installation? Many residential and commercial uses air conditioning systems, which regulate the room temperature and ensure a conducive environment. A split system air conditioner comprises outer and inner components that work to ensure the effective operation of the fundamental elements. However, electrical cables and piping are essential for a perfect split system air conditioner installation.

There are other factors you’ll need to consider while installing a split system air conditioning system that we’ll handle below.

Location of outdoor and indoor components

Whenever you plan for split system air conditioner installation, you choose the best location for your indoor and outdoor components.  The indoor part needs to be fixed on a wall  8-10ft above the floor. Also, it should be in an open area with an undisturbed flow of air.

On the other hand, the outdoor parts of your split system air conditioner should also be installed in an open space to allow free air flows over the condenser and compressor. Alternatively, you can mount the outdoor component on a sturdy external wall with an efficient air flow.

split system air conditioner installation

Wall strength

Before installing a split system air conditioner, we suggest looking into the strength of your wall. Talk to your technician and inform them about the most substantial wall capable of holding the air compressor. There may be accidents when you do split system air conditioner installation on weak, false or uneven walls. Furthermore, you’ll not incur recurring maintenance costs if the first installation is done appropriately.

Space between the wall and the air conditioner

Spacing between the split system air conditioner component and the wall is crucial, not only for frequent airflow and enhanced. It’s advisable to keep the space between the wall and the air conditioner to 15 centimeters. Use the same principle when dealing with outdoor units.

Distance between outdoor and indoor components

During the installation of an air conditioner, it’s essential to maintain a proper distance between the outdoor and indoor air conditioner components. Space can affect the cooling abilities of your cooling system.  When the distance between the two is close, there will be a faster flow of the coolant.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to maintain the distance between the components within 15 meters; above that, expect a negative outcome on your system cooling ability. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be able to maintain a proper split system air conditioner installation.

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