Apple announced a wireless charger NZ in 2017 for iPhone 8 models. Over time, the airline introduced wireless charging for all other models, including iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and Pro Max.

This instructional article will disclose some mind-boggling qualities of this futuristic charger.

Exceptional Advantages of Using a Wireless Charger in NZ

  • No corrosion risks

A wired charger exposes the users to the risk of corrosion if one exposes it to water or air. This threat is especially glaring if a certain cable section is faulty or exposed.

  • Highly durable

One does not have to plug and unplug this charger as the iPhone charges wirelessly. For this reason, the risk of wear and tear is less pronounced than when using a wired phone charger.

  • iPhones don’t overheat

A wireless charger shuts off immediately after a smartphone gets to full charge. As a result, it cushions the smartphone against overheating, as it can damage some components or trigger a fire outbreak.

What Are the Characteristics of a Wireless Charger in NZ?

Here are some qualities of a wireless charger in NZ.

  • Compatible iPhones

The iPhone wireless charge NZ is compatible with all iPhone models, including 12 Pro,14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. Therefore, you can use it to charge any iPhone regardless of its model.

  • Voltage

This wireless charger has a total input voltage of 5 volts. Interestingly, an iPhone has a powerful charging manager that slows down charging once the power is full.

wireless charger NZ

  • Mounting model

Connect the charger by placing the phone on it and ensure the wireless charger connects to your iPhone’s center section. Technically, the iPhone will begin charging a few seconds after you place it on the wireless charger NZ.

  • Faster charger

The beauty of this wireless charger is that it charges all iPhone models in under 3 hours. For instance, the charger will only require 0.5 hours to get your drained smartphone to 30 percent battery or more.

How Does Apple Prevent Overheating When One Uses a Wireless Charger NZ?

Usually, an iPhone feels warm, especially when it is charging. However, the iPhone’s battery software slows down charging speed as soon as it gets to 80 percent to safeguard its battery lifespan.

Therefore, the iPhone begins charging again after its temperature drops to manageable levels.

Last Words

More people are embracing a wireless charger NZ as it does not feature a long cable. Additionally,this charger also protects smartphones against potential damage by preventing overheating. For this reason, one shouldn’t dither to spare USD20 to acquire this fast charger.