The Environmental Planning & Assessment (EP&A) private certifier accreditation scheme is made up of a group of EP&A qualified private certifier Tweed Heads. They are dedicated to the delivery of quality environmental management services, with the aim of providing solutions that reduce the likelihood of environmental harm.

EP&A has established a high standard for EP&A private certifier accreditation in order to ensure:

  • A minimum level of competency for EP&A private certifiers;
  • That private certifiers are subject to monitoring and review by EP&A to ensure their competence; and
  • That EP&A will give you the certificate that will satisfy both the local government body and the customers at the same time.

Private certifiers make sure that land development proposals comply with planning and environmental laws. They check development plans to ensure they meet the relevant policy requirements of the local council. Their jobs are based on the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, which sets out their roles and responsibilities. The Act also provides a legal framework for how private certifiers work.

How to find the best private certifiers for building inspection?

Here, you will get to know about the private certifiers and agencies in your area, who are the best in their field of work. A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is a document issued by your local government that states that a building has met the minimum standards for being occupied.

private certifier Tweed Heads

It does not mean that it is safe or meets all codes, but it does give you the ability to legally occupy the building. A certificate of occupancy refers to the final inspection of an individual structure. The issuance of this document signifies that construction has been completed and all the safety measures have been taken properly.

The role of the private certifiers in inspecting a building:

When it comes to finding the best building inspector in your area, there is no better resource than the local building private certifier Tweed Heads. Certifiers have a great deal of experience and know exactly what to look for when inspecting buildings. They also work with hundreds of building inspectors, so they can give you the names of the most qualified ones.

If you are looking for a great building inspector, call up your local certifier’s office and ask if they can recommend one. You want someone who is certified by them and is familiar with their standards. They will be able to tell you which companies to hire and which companies are just giving you the lip service. To learn more about this topic visit our website.