Air-cooled water chillers eliminate heat from water or other process fluid by using a refrigeration system that then dissipates the same heat into the air. Although, the chiller COP gives energy efficiency.

Succinctly, the chiller works by using the conversion of a refrigerant gas which is then pushed through an orifice at a high pressure that changes from liquid to gas, consuming heat through the chiller evaporator temperature converter. After that, the cold gas then travels to the chiller refrigeration compressor, where it is pressed into hot, impenetrable gas and elevated to the chiller condenser. The refrigeration gas’s operating conditions and the volume that the compressor can pump determine how much heat is excluded in chillers and walk-in freezer.

However, the compressor is pushed by the compressor at the air-cooled chiller condenser through smaller copper tubes with thin aluminium fins and are mechanically bonded to them. Moreover, with the help of chiller fans, the ambient air is forced through the condenser coil. It creates the hot refrigerant gas to consolidate into liquid, converting state, and releasing the heat that the gas is collected at the chiller evaporator.


Then the heat is moved away into the ambient gas that is collected at the chiller evaporator. However, to start the process again, the liquid is then forced through the orifice. Undoubtedly, the refrigerator compressor is the heart of the chiller. It is a pump that utilises electrical energy to pump refrigerant around the entire system.

Smaller chillers utilise refrigeration compressors such as scroll compressors, reciprocating compressors, and rotary compressors. And Big chillers use refrigeration compressors like centrifugal compressors, screw compressors, reciprocating, and absorption compressors. Each type of compressor can functions less or more efficiently in the air-cooled water chiller depending on the glycol outlet temperature or the water needed, the conditions of the ambient air temperature and the chiller refrigerant used.

Indubitably, the efficiency of the chillers compressor is provided by the COP or Coefficient Performance that is the ratio of kW of heat removed to kW electrical input needed. It is meticulous that the higher the chiller COP, the better the energy efficiency will be. For instance, a COP of 3 means that 3kW of heat is removed from the water for every 1 kW of electrical input. And five means that for every 1 kW electrical input, 5kW heat energy will be removed from the water. For ,more information visit our Website