Outside window shutters can be used as a decorative accessory for your home. It can also be used to suppress light, heat and sound.

If you start looking at outside windows, you will soon find that there are many different types of shutters. Some are for commercial purposes, others are for decoration only.

What decorative shutters are made up of?

Decorative outdoor shutter are probably made of wood or artificial wood. These are usually mounted on the side of the exterior shutter windows and painted to fit the trim and the door of the house.

These shutters consist of a panel on each side of the window. These panels do not open or close, but remain attached to the side of the window. It is often added to homes to increase the curvature of the house.

What are solid window shutters?

Solid outdoor plastic shutters can look just like decorative windows, they simply close. These shutters are made of wooden panels. Many of them also have decorative exterior panels that give the shutter a little flair.

These DIY interior shutters are very effective in withstanding the cold in winter and the heat in summer.

Outside window shutters

For what purpose can emergency shutters be used?

Emergency outdoor shutters are used when a strong storm comes like a hurricane or a tornado. These shutters are made of stronger materials, such as metal or steel, and are not attractive.

However, it will prevent your shutters from breaking in the event of a natural disaster. This will keep you and your family safe.

Do you need shutter in or out?

So how do you know if you need shutters inside or outside the window? You don’t have to choose one or the other to start with. People with external shutters also have internal shutters. Each type of closure serves a different purpose.

As we have already mentioned, the shutter windows are mainly used to decorate and protect against wild storms. Indoor shutters only serve to protect the house from the elements and create an element of privacy in the house.


Some people find exterior shutters less attractive, but they may like the appearance of interior doors. The beauty of interior and exterior shutters is that they can be used in combination with other window coverings, such as curtains.

If you decide to use outside window shutters, be sure to do a little research before buying blinds. When shopping, you will find blinds behind the shutter at a discount.