The most common name used for wood or faux wood shutters is plantation shutters. This article will guide you on what you need to know for purchasing the plantation shutters sale.

What are the slat size options?

The slats on plantation shutters are also considered louvre roofs. However, the size of the slat you will pick will be based on the style you want in your home; the complete size of the windows will decide the shutters entire size.

There are 5 sizes from which you can choose the slat width:

  • 1 7/8 inch
  • 2 ½ inch
  • 3 inches
  • 3 ½ inches
  •  4 ½ inches

Undoubtedly, the bigger slat sizes provide the best view of the outside. However, the most commonly used slat size is 3 ½”, and usually, you will see the 2 ½” in older, historic homes and traditional bungalows.

What material are choices available?

Particularly, three different material types are used in the manufacturing of the plantation shutters. Succinctly, the most commonly used materials include composite, vinyl, and solid wood.


It has become the most preferred choice for the majority of homeowners. They provide you with the look and feel of authentic wood at a considerably lower rate. Medium-density fiberboard coated with polypropylene wrap is used to produce these shutters.


Wood is not included in these shutters, but they may have PVC or aluminium inside to support the structure. There are no drawbacks associated with these shutters. But it has been seen that the vinyl material starts yellowing and cracking by the time.

plantation shutters sale

Solid Wood

Shutters made of wood are the most expensive of the three. Many wood types are used to produce these shutters; however, the best one is arguably basswood. Basswood is a lightweight wood but exceptionally strong and widely used in the production of Modern Plantation Shutters. Moreover, you can customise these shutters to fit your windows and pick any colour to paint these woods.

In addition to that, plantation shutters are expensive, particularly if you want a solid wood design. This is the main reason composite shutters have become an excellent substitute, providing a lesser price without compromising the quality of the shutters and the look you want.


Indubitably, buying plantation shutters sale is an incredible way to add functionality to your window treatments and to update your home’s look. Deciding what plantation shutters will be best for your home can be determined by knowing the shutters’ materials, costs, upgrades, and sizes. For more information visit our Website.