Looking for stone bench restoration Melbourne stone benches are a common type of garden benches. These benches provide a sturdy and comfortable place to sit and unwind in the garden. However, due to the elements, these benches require being serviced to preserve their beauty and that’s where stone bench restoration Melbourne comes in.

Stone garden benches are sturdy like no other. They are normally constructed from carved stone, stone slabs, or cast stones and require little maintenance through the years. Besides durability, these benches are very comfortable to sit on. You can restore the beauty of your garden stone benches if they seem to have lost it over the many years of being in the garden and we have best solid brick construction.

Services offered by Stone Bench Restoration Melbourne

stone bench restoration Melbourne

  • Stain Removal – Stone is very hard and durable. However, stones are porous and can be stained if they weren’t sealed properly. You may be seeing your stone bench with rings from where a cup of coffee was placed down or messes like wine or other substances that have sat for too long and got seeped into the stone. When you call in these professionals, they will use special chemical treatments that will extract the stain from the stone leaving your bench as clean as new.
  • Repair – Sometimes your garden bench could have chipped scratched or encountered other textural damage. Stone repairs or restoration will include repair of these issues. The level of the repair will depend on the extent of damage through small scratches and chips can be easily fixed by working and then smoothing the bench.
  • Sealing – Stones are supposed to be sealed to protect them from stains, heat, and wear and tear. Usually, a silicone-based substance will be heated up and applied onto the surface, which will draw the sealer into the stone and form a protective layer. This process will also leave the bench with a shiny finish and a look-like-new appearance.
  • Waxing – Typically, the application of a high-end wax on the bench surface is the final step of stone restoration. The application of the wax is then followed by a buffing with a steel wool pad. That leaves a high-gloss shine on your stone bench and prevents forming stains. It also makes it easier to clean.

Final Thought

Stone restoration and repair is a highly skilled craft that helps achieve a superior finish while avoiding the cost of replacing the entire bench and stone movement. Stone bench restoration Melbourne has specialists that utilize world-class technologies to provide high-quality restoration services. Hire them today!