Because marble is a porous surface for your stone benchtops Gold Coast, it absorbs whatever it comes into contact with. This implies that any juice spills or acid spills will detract from the attractiveness of your slab. With each “accident,” there will be color stains, and the surface will get dull.

Stone benchtops take a bit more attention than other types of surfaces. Some stains will not come out with a simple wipe. They will be difficult to clean and will need vigorous scrubbing. As long as you are able to restore the attractiveness, you should not be afraid to put in the additional work.

Caring Your Benchtops

Here are some suggestions for caring for stone benchtops.

Choose The Best Cleaning Agent

Not all soaps and cleansers are suitable for cleaning marble countertops. Choosing the incorrect cleaning might do more harm to your top than a stain. When selecting a cleaner, check the label to confirm that it is designed particularly for Caesarstone benchtops Gold Coast. Marble is an extremely brittle substance. An inappropriate product might cause harm to your top. You’ll need a non-abrasive cleaning. It should not include ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Dishwashing solutions containing citric acid should not be used.

stone benchtops Gold Coast

Make Use Of Warm Water

When washing stone benchtops Gold Coast, wet the scrubbing cloth or sponge with warm water. Warm water aids in the removal of dirt and the lightening of stains. Avoid using tap water as an extra precaution.

Chlorine is present in tap water. It has the potential to damage the surface. Warm water, on the other hand, is perfectly safe to use. It is gentle on your Caesarstone benchtops Gold Coast and cuts down on cleaning time.

Make Yourself Shiny

Arrange for a professional cleaning service on a regular basis. They will need to squeaky clean your kitchen. If you can’t afford a professional, you can perform the polishing yourself using turpentine oil. After you’ve cleaned the surface of stains and spills, dab a cloth in turpentine oil and wipe it off. Because turpentine is a very flammable material, make sure you clean it up with water and a towel at the end. As an alternative, you may use paint thinner.

Regular Cleaning Is Essential.

Instead of allowing filth and grime to collect, scrub on a regular basis. The brilliance and brightness of your stone benchtops Gold Coast will last for years if you clean them on a regular basis. They will look just as nice as they did the day they were installed. For more information visit our Website.